Children’s Accident Claim

Accidents involving children can be the most distressing of all, especially when the accident is due to another person’s negligence. Depending on where the accident took place, how severe the injuries are and any long-term results of the accident, you may be in a position to claim compensation on behalf of your child.

However, when the welfare of a child is affected, emotions can run high and knowing if you’re able to start legal proceedings, let alone knowing how to start them can seem overwhelming.

If your child has suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need to talk to a solicitor who can advise you about any compensation your child and family may be owed. To find out whether you can make a claim on your child’s behalf, please complete an Online Enquiry now, call us on 1890 989 289 or email us on

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Common Accidents Involving Children

Bumps and grazes are part and parcel of growing up and it’s impossible to protect your child from the inevitable bruises and scratches they acquire as they grow up. However, when an accident is due to somebody failing to meet his or her duty of care, it’s far more distressing when you know the accident was avoidable.

There are numerous circumstances in which children may be caused avoidable harm and each situation will be unique. However, we’ve supplied more detailed information about some of the more common accidents involving children below:

What to do when your Child has an Accident 

When a child suffers an accident, emotions run high. However, once you have identified that your child’s accident is a result of someone else’s negligence it’s important you collect as many details about the accident as possible. These details include:

  1. Where the accident took place
  2. What time the accident took place
  3. Who was with your child at the time of the accident
  4. Photographs of the area where the accident took place
  5. How the accident happened
  6. Details of injuries sustained
  7. Gardai details
  8. Garda number

Claiming For Accidents at Schools & Nurserys

Accidents at school are not uncommon, but this does not make them acceptable. If your child has been injured due to the negligence of a teacher or supervisor, or due to even the antisocial behaviour of another child, you may be able to make a claim for compensation on your child’s behalf. Although this will not completely account for the pain and suffering your child has experienced, the financial reward can help towards any rehabilitation your child may require.

Empty School Classroom, school accident claims

Ensuring Your School or Nursery Claim is Successful

In order to make a successful school claim, you will be required to demonstrate that another individual is directly responsible for your child’s accident. There are certain things you need to do to that will help aid your solicitor in assisting you and your claim. These include:

  • Reporting the accident to a teacher as soon as possible
  • Ensuring that the accident is entered into the school accident book
  • Gathering as much information as possible about your child’s accident, such as:
  • Names and addresses of teachers, staff members and children involved
  • Photographs of the injuries your child suffered
  • Photographs of the area where the accident happened
  • Receipts for any costs incurred as a result of the accident, such as medical fees and travelling costs.

Once you have these details, it’s important to talk to a solicitor to get the claim process underway as soon as you can.

At Gibson & Associates Solicitors, we have expertise when it comes to claiming compensation for accidents that took place in school or nursery environments and will be able to provide you with the both the advice and support you need. Our team will handle the case for you and will use the extensive resources at their disposal to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your child’s injuries.

Accidents Caused by Dangerous Toys

Accidents involving toys are becoming more common in Ireland and the injuries received by children can be very serious. From choking to physical harm caused by faulty parts, any injuries sustained by children using toys that are not safe are simply unacceptable.

Types of Injuries From Dangerous Toys

According to a recent study, skipping ropes, marbles and scooters are amongst some of the most dangerous toys currently available to children in Ireland. However, any toy with small moving parts has the potential to cause accident or injury and if the product is faulty there is little that parents and carers can do to ensure a child avoids accident and injury.

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Preventing Toy Related Injuries

Nowadays it’s possible to purchase toys almost anywhere; online, corner shops, garages – there is definitely no shortage of children’s play things! However, this abundance of toys, especially those from unknown brands, makes it even more important that parents get into the habit of checking the safety of their children’s new toys. Below are some things to look out for:

  • A ‘CE’ mark, proving the product has passed relevant safety, health and environmental requirements;
  • The name and address of the manufacturer;
  • The recommended age of the toy, for instance some toys may be deemed unsuitable for children under 5 years old;
  • Full and detailed instructions;
  • Any warning notices, detailing things such as the presence of small moving parts.

Making a Claim for Dangerous Toy Injuries

Even if you do take all the necessary precautions, you cannot always protect your child from dangerous toys – particularly if they are defective or have mistakenly passed health and safety checks. This is not your fault and you can claim compensation for any injuries caused. Remember, financial compensation awarded in such cases can help you pay for on-going rehabilitation and medical care for your child and can also go some way towards compensating you and your family for the pain and suffering that has been caused.

If you do choose to start legal proceedings following an injury caused by a dangerous toy, it’s important that you gather crucial information about the toy and circumstances of the injury. This will support any compensation claim you might make. This information can include:

  • Retaining the toy with packaging and instructions (if the packaging and instructions are still available).
  • Noting down all details of injury
  • Photographs of the injury
  • Details of where you bought the toy
  • Details of when you bought the toy
  • Receipt of purchase

Below we have listed links to further information on the types of toys that commonly cause injuries:

Fairground Accident Claims

Fairgrounds and similar attractions undergo diligent safety testing, but there are occasions when an accident occurs because of the negligence of another individual. Whether it’s due to poorly maintained rides or inadequate safety information, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation if someone in your family has been injured on a fairground ride.

Fairground ride, fairground accident claims

Accidents and injuries obtained at fairgrounds can be due to:

  • Fairground owners failing to ensure the rides are maintained to a safe standard
  • Food sellers failing to respect hygiene rules
  • Fairground employees failing to take reasonable steps to protect members of the public from harm
  • Poorly maintained or defective rides

Injuries due to the above can include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Slips, trips or falls on land for which the fairground is responsible
  • Objects falling from a height
  • Any other physical injuries due to poorly maintained, defective or unsafe rides

Making a Successful Fairground Accident Claim

If you intend to claim financial compensation for injuries suffered in a fairground accident, you will be required to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of another individual, or the fairground owners. Your case will be helped if you gather as much information as possible at the time of the accident, such as:

  • Names and addresses of witnesses
  • A full account of the accident itself in an accident book
  • When and where the accident took place

Having this information ready when you come to start legal proceedings will allow your solicitors to compile a thorough report and will help you secure a successful compensation claim.

How We Can Help

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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